the neighbourhood

It’s exciting to be the new kid in the neighbourhood. And a bit scary. It’s an amazing place, to be stepping into a new world, with new experiences, exploring places that have never been explored.

It’s the moments you recognize when a community rises around you, and with you. Focused with a purpose to change the way things are. To do things better. To not be resigned to just doing it the same way it’s always been done.

For too long the world has been crafted to serve the ones in the middle, feeding off of the creators, and the consumers, equally. Now a truly mutually beneficial relationship can exist between creator and consumer.

A relationship based on the true value of the attention, and the worth of the skill, and talent, effort and time that the creator has invested in their craft.

For the creator, the publisher, the advertiser, the user, and the consumer it’s token well spent, well earned, and well-grown.

It’s for me. And for you.

Welcome to the neighbourhood.


About the author

I'm Ben Beveridge. And I support Brave/BAT!

Happy to connect with everyone who believes in what we're working on together. Especially if you're sharing the story, and building community, in Canada.